Manage and organize your employees/freelancers

Employee management with PRTime

PRTime introduces the "User Invite" feature, which allows users to be added to projects effortlessly. Additionally, it offers role-based permissions, ensuring that designated administrators and accountants can effectively view and manage working time data.

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Status: Active or Inactive

This feature allows you to determine whether a user is currently active or inactive within the PRTime system. Active users are actively engaged and have access to the platform, while inactive users may no longer be part of your team or are temporarily not using the app.

Role: Accountant, Admin, or Worker

The "Role" designation specifies the user's role within the PRTime application. It determines the level of access and permissions a user has:

  • Accountant: Accountants typically have access to financial and payroll-related features, making them responsible for managing financial aspects within the app.
  • Admin: Admins have a broad set of permissions, enabling them to manage users, projects, and settings, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Worker: Workers are typically the employees or team members who use PRTime primarily for time tracking and project-related tasks. Their permissions are often more restricted compared to accountants and admins.
  • Cost per Hour

    The "Cost per Hour" field is essential for tracking the labor cost associated with each employee or worker. By assigning a specific hourly cost to each user, you can calculate project expenses more accurately, helping you manage budgets and allocate resources effectively.

    Worker Status: Internal or External

    This attribute distinguishes between workers who are part of your internal team ("Internal") and those who are external freelancers or contractors ("External"). It's a crucial classification for various purposes:

  • Internal: These are your regular employees or team members who are an integral part of your organization. They typically have different responsibilities and considerations compared to external workers.
  • External: External workers, such as freelancers or contractors, may have different billing and engagement processes. PRTime allows you to differentiate between these categories for accurate tracking and management.