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Time Table online with PRTime for logging project based daily working hours

Keeping a record of your project-based daily working hours has never been easier. PRTime allows users to save their working time day by day, providing a comprehensive overview of their activities over time. This valuable historical data becomes a goldmine of insights, helping users identify trends and areas for improvement.

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Do you want to keep track of your project based working hours easily?

PRTime has a Time Table feature that lets you manually add your project based working hours to a monthly calendar and choose the project you worked on. You can add as many projects as you want to your Time Table and export it as CSV or PDF files. You can also click “Complete” to inform your accountant when the month is over.

Simplify your project management and work scheduling with PRTime's Time Table. Say goodbye to chaos and inefficiency, and say hello to an organized, accurate work management system. Try it today and experience the difference. Boost productivity and streamline your work with PRTime's TimeTable!

Here is your monthly calendar.

In PRTime's "Time Table" section, users gain access to a comprehensive calendar that showcases an entire year at a glance, revealing all twelve months. This intuitive calendar serves as the gateway to effortless time management. Users can seamlessly save their working hours day by day, simply by selecting any specific month. With this calendar, staying organized and keeping track of your work has never been easier. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to a user-friendly, efficient way to manage your time in PRTime's "My TimeTable."

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is PRTime's TimeTable feature?

PRTime’s TimeTable is a feature in the PRTime application that allows users to save and manage their working hours on a daily basis using a monthly calendar interface.

How does the "My TimeTable" section work?

In the “My TimeTable” section, users are presented with a yearly calendar displaying twelve months. They can save their working hours by clicking on the current month and recording their daily hours worked.

Where can I find the "My TimeTable" section?

Once you log into PRTime, you’ll find the “My TimeTable” section that showcases a yearly calendar. Here, you can click on a particular month to input your daily working hours.

How do I add working hours for a specific day in the "TimeTable" section?

Click on the current month (e.g., “October”) in the “TimeTable” section. This will display a daily calendar where you can select a specific day, choose the project you worked on, and input your working hours for that day.

I work on multiple projects. How can I manage them on the TimeTable?

In such cases, click the “Add Project” button. New rows will be generated in the TimeTable. You can then select from the projects assigned to you and record your working hours for each one.

What should I do once I've recorded my working hours for the entire month?

When you’re done recording your hours for the month, simply click the “Complete” button. This informs the “Accountant” that you’ve finalized your monthly sheet.

How can I view the total number of working hours I've recorded for a particular month?

At the top left side of the TimeTable, you’ll see a total count of the working hours for that month. Next to this count, you’ll find the “In process” warning, indicating that the TimeTable can still be updated.

Can users assign working hours to specific projects in PRTime's TimeTable?

Yes, users can assign working hours to specific projects. In the “TimeTable” section, they can select the project they are working on for the day and record their working hours for that project.

What happens when employees or freelancers work on multiple projects?

When working on multiple projects, users can click the “Add Project” button to generate new rows in the TimeTable. This allows them to choose different projects and record their working hours separately for each project.

How do users indicate that a month's TimeTable is complete?

Users can click the “Complete” button at the end of the month to indicate that they have finished recording their working hours for that month. This action informs the “Accountant” that the monthly sheet is complete.

Are there options to export the TimeTable in PRTime?

Yes, on the right top side of the TimeTable, users have the option to export their TimeTable data in both CSV and PDF file formats. This feature allows for easy sharing and reporting of time-related information.

Can I access PRTime's TimeTable from any device with internet access?

PRTime is web-based, which means you can access it from any device with internet access. Whether you’re using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can conveniently manage your working hours and schedules.

Is PRTime's TimeTable suitable for businesses of all sizes?

PRTime’s TimeTable can be used by businesses of various sizes, including small teams and large organizations. It offers flexibility in tracking and managing working hours.

Can I customize my calendar view in PRTime's TimeTable?

PRTime takes data security seriously. The application implements robust security measures to protect user data, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential and safe.

Is there customer support available for PRTime users?

Yes, PRTime typically offers customer support to assist users with any questions or issues they may encounter while using the TimeTable feature. Contact their support team for assistance when needed.